Now to rest the port without ifreload?

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When working some wrong setup.  That caused both ADMIN and physical goes to DOWN status. Like

37: swp34: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST> mtu 9000 qdisc pfifo_fast master bridge state DOWN mode DEFAULT group default qlen 1000
    link/ether 64:00:6a7:37:c2 brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff promiscuity 1
    bridge_slave state blocking priority 8 cost 4 hairpin off guard off root_block off fastleave off learning on flood on port_id 0x8011 port_no 0x11 designated_port 32785 designated_cost 0 designated_bridge 8000.64:0:6a7:37:a1 designated_root 8000.64:0:6a7:37:a1 hold_timer    0.00 message_age_timer    0.00 forward_delay_timer    0.00 topology_change_ack 0 config_pending 0 proxy_arp off proxy_arp_wifi off mcast_router 1 mcast_fast_leave off mcast_flood on neigh_suppress off addrgenmode eui64
    alias Fortigate 100E LAN
and by 'netshow interface all'

ADMDN  swp34 (Fortigate 100E LAN)             N/A      9000   Access/L2     Untagged VLAN: 1

I know it can be using 'ifreload -a' to reset it.

However, does any alternate way to do it?

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Posted 7 months ago

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Just up the port? ifup swp1 brings it up and ifdown brings it down
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Is it possible the link was set admin down using NCLU?
net add interface swp34 link down

To verify, you can check the current configuration and look for link-down yes under the interface:
cumulus@qct-ly6-52:~$ ifquery swp34
auto swp34
iface swp34
link-down yes

To restore the interface, you can use the following NCLU commands:
net del interface swp34 link down
net commit

If Sean's suggestion or the above don't work, please provide the output of ifquery -a from the switch.
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There are also iproute2 commands:
ip link set swp1 down
ip link set swp1 up